What is the Venus Factor Diet

get venus factorThe Venus Factor is a weight loss system created by John Barban. He is a well-known fitness professional and used his vast experience in the field to create this program. The defining characteristic of this diet is that it was designed specifically for women. John Barban used scientific research to determine the best weight loss solution for women.

Why is it just for women?

It is widely accepted that the female and male anatomy work very differently. Our biological processes respond differently to stimuli. Noticing these distinctions, Barban questioned how a woman’s body drops weight differently than a man’s body. He found that we do, in fact, lose weight in distinctive ways. This led him to create a system designed just for women.

What is involved?

The Venus Factor is a diet and exercise program. It lasts 12 weeks to complete the program. While results will vary, women can expect to drop several dress sizes when the program is followed properly. It is a straightforward, easy to understand process. Barban lays out exactly what to do each day making it easy and simple. Check out these additional Venus Factor reviews to see want dozens of current customers are saying.

How does it work?

This is the question everyone wants to know. What is the secret? To simplify the matter, it comes down to a hormone called leptin. There has been much discussion and debate about this hormone. leptin is known for encouraging weight loss. Women have an abundance of this hormone naturally occurring in their bodies. One would expect that women would lose weight easily. This is not the case. Because a woman’s body blocks the weight loss effect of leptin. In fact, if a woman diets or fasts, her leptin levels will drop significantly. Barban has created what he calls “metabolic override.” This boosts leptin levels and causes a woman’s body to respond to the weight loss effects of the leptin. Mark Sanderson, Biology professor at NYU says,”Leptin is a powerful hormone and we have only begun to unlock its potential.”

The Venus Factor is an innovative weight loss program. It is designed specifically for women and targets their unique needs. It uses a woman’s natural biological processes to create safe weight loss. There is a lot of hype about this program. It has supporters and critics like anything that becomes popular. The only way to know for sure if it works, is to try it yourself.

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